Eternal Scar (Evigt ärr)

Eternal Scar, 78 min, HD-video, 2017,

An investigation into Waste Network co-ordinated groups at locations considered as sites for nuclear waste management. The Waste Network was created 1981 as a consequence test drillings. As a reaction there was a giant upraising amongst ordianary citizens. In Kynnefjäll the local inhabitants occupied a mountain for 20 years. Through site specific research I have conducted interviews with people active in the resistance movements around nuclear and Waste managing with focus on Sweden and Japan. The narrative is unfolding the complex technological, geological, socio-political and economic discourses around the nuclear issue.

In collaboration with filmmaker Camilla Topuntoli

Screened at; Folkkampanjen, Almedalen. Represented in the collection of Hallands konstmuseum