Witnessing the writing of history, Flutgraben

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The workshop, Witnessing the writing of history, took place during my residency at Flutgraben, and was also included as a side event for the exhibition, Die Ästhetik des Widerstands.

During my stay at Flutgraben I decided to delve deeper into the subject of artistic practice articulating itself in relation to politics of history writing. In my interest to archiving ”counter-histories”, I am exploring approaches that stem from fine art, history writing (oral history), performing arts and theatre. What happens if we turn the backside of a painting to the front and discuss another side of the narrative, the underlying strategies of representation and the meaning of political gestures and its level of impact?

The workshop Witnessing the writing of history addressed this symbolism of the “backside” in the visual arts, theatre and literature, with examples of behind the scene narratives in works by Peter Weiss and my book-project “The art of the strike”. The workshop furthermore raised questions on: witness statements: the practice of the assemblage in relation to history writing: the speaking position of the artist and what it means to spend time in the archive as an individual in relation to the collective body.


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