Konst och arbete II / Art and work II

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Group exhibition at Gallery Box, Art and work II, April – May 2010.

With Nina Svensson.

Participating artists: Zandra Ahl, Yngve Baum, Jens S Jensen, Anders Lindgren & Staffan Hjalmarsson, Emma Kihl, Ingela Johansson & Nina Svensson.

The seminar program To parasite on the parasite, or how we learned to work in symbiosis was taking place within the framework of the exhibition. It addressed the artist’s role, professionalism and artistic autonomy in relation to the task of mediating art at workplaces.
Invited guests: Ingrid Hemström, Jenny Johannisson, David Karlsson, Anna Kindgren / Carina Gunnars , Michele Masucci and Maja Hammarén. Organized by Nina Svensson & Ingela Johansson together with Kalle Brolin and Camilla Larsson.

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