Ingela johansson is a stockholm based artist, whose research-based artistic practice often responds to site-specific issues with an interest in social history and collective memory. Her interdisciplinary approach combines various aesthetic strategies and media to create an engaging body of work.

Her most recent exhibitions, screenings and projects include: Moderna museet, 2019; Center for Contemporary Art, Riga; Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania, Vilnius, 2018; Kunsthall Trondheim, 2017; Alternativa, Gdansk, Tranzit, Bratislava, 2016; Kalmar Konstmuseum, 2015-16; Kunsthaus Dresden, Flutgraben, Galerie im Turm, Berlin, 2014; Norrbottens museum, Luleå, Tensta konsthall, 2013; Konsthall C, Stockholm, Bildmuseet, Umeå, 2012.

Books: The art of the strike, voices on cultural and political work during and after the mining strike 1969-70 (eds. Martin Högström, Kim Einarsson) was published by Glänta in 2013.






Art education:

2000-2005 Master of Fine Arts, Umeå University, Sweden

2011-2012 1 year certificate post-graduate program in curating, Zhdk, Zürich

1999-2000 Gerlesborg Foundation School of Fine Art, Stockholm

1999 Lunnevads Folk High School, Linköping

1996-1999 Culture Studies program, Linköping University



Solo / duo exhibitions:

2018 The nearest point to the free world, 1989, Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania, Vilnius

2018 Andrei´s Maria, Kalmar Konstmuseum

2017 Filialen and The Art of the Strike, Rutiga golvet, organized by Kim West, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm

2017 Segern kan vi bara nå med att vakta och vakta, Gerlesborgs konsthall, curated by Karolina Pahlén

2017 Andrei´s Maria, Kunsthall Trondheim, film screening (together with Nástio Mosquito), curated by Helena Holmberg

2016 Kungsbacka Blodbok, Norra Halland, organized by Charlotta Hanno and Camilla Rosberg, invited by Kungsbacka Kultur & Turism, Konst i Halland/Hallands Konstmuseum & Region Halland

2013 What happened to the art of the strike? curator Jan Erik Lundström, Norrbottens museum, Luleå

2013 What happened with the art of the strike?  curated by Maria Lind, Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm

2012 The art of the strike, Book-project, editorial work together with Kim Einarsson and Martin Högström, Konsthall C

2011 A Sense of Solidarity – A survey of the spaces in between, together with Nina Svensson, Västerbotten Museum, Umeå

2010  A sense of Solidarity – repeating the circle, Museum of Work, together with Nina Svensson, Norrköping

2007 A short institutional affair, CCCK. Union of Artist Gallery Odessa, curated together with Inga Zimprich, supported by Index Contemporary Art Foundation and Swedish Institute


Group exhibitions:

2018 Portable Landscapes, Latvian National Museum of Art, curated by Solvita Krese, Inga Lāce, Diāna Popova, Antra Priede-Krievkalne, Andra Silapētere, Latvian Centre of Contemporary Art, Riga

2016  Damage and Loss, curated by Lívia Páldi, Anna Nawrot and Aneta Szylak, Alternativa, Gdansk

2016 Moving Mass, The Glass Factory, Boda

2015/16 Moving mass, Kalmar Konstmuseum

2014 Kirunatopia – Art on Landscape and Resources in the 21 st Century, curated by Christiane Mennicke-Schwarz, Kunsthaus Dresden

2014 Die Ästhetik des Widerstands, curated by Julia Lazarus and Moira Zoitl, Galerie im Turm, Berlin

2012 Kirunatopia – In the Shadow of the Future, Bildmuseet, curated by Kim Einarsson, Umeå

2011 Mutual Matters, Konsthall C, curated by Petra Bauer, Marius Dybwad Brandrud, Kim Einarsson, Stockholm

2011 Get to Work, Verkligheten, Umeå

2010 Open Studio, Gasworks, London

2010 Här, Kalmar Art Museum, curated by Kim Einarsson, Malin Nilsson and Anna Norberg

2010 Art and work II, A sense of Solidarity, Gallery Box, Gothenburg

2008 A sense of Solidarity, Trade Union Organisation Congress, together with Nina Svensson, Stockholm

2008 Art as a gift, Periferic Biennial 8, Speaking of a gap can cause doubles, (with Inga Zimprich, Sönke Hallmann), curated by Dora Hegyi, Iasi, Romania

2008 What about power relations, Ex Ponto, GALERIJA ŠKUC, Ljubljana

2008 Exteriors, CCA, curated by Index, Kiev

2007 Private with Public CCA, together with Inga Zimprich and Volodymyr Kuznetsov, Kiev

2006 IASPIS, Open Studio, Stockholm

2006 It is hard to touch the real, curated by Sören Grammel, Grazer Kunstverein, Austria

2006 We invite all, Bildmuseet, curated by Sören Grammel, Umeå

2005 Dispatched, Bildmuseet, curated by Power Ekroth, Umeå

2004 Whatever Happened to Social Democracy? We invite all, project by Umeå Art Academy in collaboration with Sören Grammel. curators Roseum: Pavel Buchler and Charles Esche


Symposia, lectures, book releases, study-circles, workshops & talks:

2019 Måleri och Lyrik för Folkets hus: Ett möte mellan vagabondkonstnären Hans Tombrock och dramatikern Bertholt Brecht under svensk exil, with Margareta Ståhl, Mint

2019 Filmklubben, Moderna Museet, talk with Catrin Lundqvist and Olivia Eriksson

2019 Study group Folkfronternas estetik, organized by Kim West

2018 Död; lunga; hand & om löftet, talk with Frida Hållander, Rejmyre Art Lab

2018 The nearest point to the free world, 1989Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania, Vilnius

2018 Red Love, Dora Garcia, Reading of Agneta Plejels “Hey, you! Sky!”. Organized by Michele Masucci, Tensta Konsthall

2018 Sy-fabrikssystrar! öxabäck IF-utan er ingen morgondag, panel with Frida Hållander and Åsa Norman, Swedish Labour Movement’s Archive and Library,  Sthlm

2017 Portable Landscapes, LCCA, Riga

2017 ”Filialen and the Art of the Strike”, E2-E4-program by Kim West (Lars Bang Larsen, Stephanie Hessler), Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm

2017 Samtidskonstdagarna, Kalmar Konstmuseum

2017 Kunsthall Trondheim, artist talk and screening, moderated by Helena Holmberg and Ingrid Synneva Holtar

2017 Konstfrämjandet 70 år, book release of Glass is a moving mass 

2017 Samtal  under arbete, moderated by Henrik Andersson, organized together with Karolina Pahlén, Gerlesborgs Konsthall

2017 Glas är massa i rörelse, book release organized by Massa i rörelse together with Konstfrämjandet, The Glass Factory

2017 Konsten, museerna och kulturarvet, Supermarket talks, moderated by Ann Ighe, with Lisa Rosendahl and Johan Hegardt. Organized by Konstepidemin / Ord & Bild

2017 Experimentellt Kulturarv, organized by Bodil Petersson LNU

2017 Arbetarkonst som strejkkonst, moderated by Fredrik Svensk, organized by Paletten / ABF / BRA 10

2016 No man is an Island, Café Berlinka, organized by Tranzit, Bratislava

2016 No man is an IslandTranzit, workshop together with Livia Páldi, Åsa Sonjasdotter, Bratislava

2016 Andra ögon på staden, Kungsbacka. Moderated by Lena From, with: Catharina Thörn, Catharina Gabrielsson, Per Hasselberg, Lisa Torell, Linnea Eriksson

2016 Art and the Manifestation of social change, moderated and organized by Lisa Rosendahl and Kalmar Konstmuseum

2015 The Eros Effect: Art, Solidarity Movements and the Quest for Social Justice, Tensta Konsthall

2015 Öppet konstpedagogiskt forum, GIBCA Extended / Kungsbacka kommun och Konst i Halland/ Hallands Konstmuseum & Region Halland

2015 Body of Work Summer Camp, Faculty of Invisibility (Sönke Hallmann, Inga Zimprich), Künstlerhäuser Worpswede

2014 Book release: The resistance movement in theory and practice,  with Per Hasselberg, Nina Hanson, Jörgen Johansen. Reading and text-contribution by David väyrynen. Organized by Konstfrämjandet with Provins and Västerbottens Museum, Umeå

2014 Witnessing the writing of history, workshop, Flutgraben, Berlin

2014 Faculty of Invisibility: Auditorium, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

2014 Esto es un mensaje explosivo, Beta Local, organized by Beatriz Santiago Munos, Eva Arnqvist and Johanna Gustavsson, San Juan, Puerto Rico

2014 MAKE.A.MATCH, book launch, Mumok, Vienna

2013 Inverse institution, Flutgraben, Berlin

2013 MAKE.A.MATCH, collaboration with Hugo Canoilas, Iaspis, curated by Katharina Schendle

2013 What was the meaning of the medium of exhibition in relation to 1968 movement? Witness seminar moderated by Maria Lind. Tensta Konsthall in collaboration with The Institute for Contemporary History, Södertörns University, Stockholm

2013 Book release: The Art of the Strike: voices on cultural and political work during and after the mining strike 1969-70. Moderated by Rebecka Thor. Reading by Linn Hansén and Martin Högström. Text contribution by Beata Berggren, Konsthall C

2013 Book release: Strejkkonsten / The Art of the Strike panel talk with Agneta Andersson and Jan Erik Lundström, Norrbottens museum, Luleå

2013 Book release: Strejkkonsten / The Art of the Strike. Gällivare museum

2013 Strejkkonsten /Art of the Strike: voices on cultural and political work during and after the mining strike 1969/70, Gothenburg book-fair

2012 En stor sak för en människa, workshop together with Ellen Nyman, Konsthall C in collaboration with Teateralliansen

2012 Culture productions during the great miningstrike 1969/70, Witness seminar at Konsthall C, moderating and organizing together with Kim Einarsson and Kjell Östberg at The Institute for Contemporary History, Södertörns University

2012 Arsenal Book Festival, Kiev, Ukraine

2011 Index / OEI. Invited speaker / reader, together with Sophie Berrebi

2011 In the Act – kvalitativ konst, Högkvarteret Stockholm, organized by Imri Sandström

2011 Cinenova, The Showroom, in the framework of a screeningprogram, London

2010 Faculty of Invisibility: Assembly, Shedhalle, curated by Sönke Hallmann and Inga Zimprich, Zürich

2010 Images of work: Art Activism and anthropology, paneltalk organized with filmmaker and anthropologist Massimiliano Mollona. Invited speaker: Filmmaker Margarete Dickinson,  Gasworks, London

2010 Work, Work, Work, Iaspis, organized by Michele Masucci and Cecilia Widenheim

2010 To parasite on the parasite, Bezdomny, organized together with Nina Svensson, Camilla Larsson and Kalle Brolin, Gothenburg

2008 The Swizhe experience, past, present and future Ukraine, organized by Swedish Institute, Kiev

2008 Supermarket Talks, Stockholm

2008 Visibility Works, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest

2008  Peace and Love, Open Studios Iaspis, Stockholm

2007 Kaliningrad the redefining of urban space, twochange, Stockholm

2007 Interview, TV Culture channel Odessa, Ukraine

2007 Try to find another cow. CCA, Kyiv



2019 The Immesurable, Thames-Side Studios Gallery, Thames-Side Studios, filmprogram curated by Linda Persson and Hannah Conroy

2019 Filmklubben, Moderna Museet, curated by Catrin Lundqvist

2018 Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania, Vilnius

2017 Kunsthall Trondheim, curated by Helena Holmqvist

2017 Gotlands museum, Visby

2017 Almedalen, Folkets Bio

2017 Konst i arbete, Kulturens Hus Luleå, curated by Hans Karlsson

2017 Les Rencontres Internationales, Gaîté Lyrique, Paris

2016 No man is an island, Tranzit, Bratislava, curated by Livia Paldi and Judit Angel

2016 Konst i arbete, Kulturens Hus Luleå, org by Hans Carlsson

2016 Gotland Artweek, När´s Bygdegård, supported by BAC, Baltic Art Center, Gotland


Performances, reenactments: 

Mossans marknad, Mossutställningar, organized by Stella D’ailly, 2017

Tensta Konsthall, 2013

Bildmuseet, 2012



2016 Research-in-residence (RIR) BAC, Gotland

2016 Andra ögon på staden, art pedagogic residency, Kungsbacka Kultur & Turism, Konst i Halland/Hallands Konstmuseum & Region Halland

2011 Kirunatopia, A residency- exhibition project, initiated by Goethe Institute

2010-2011 Gasworks/Acme, London

2009 Contemporary Art Factory, Tokyo, Japan

2008 Interspace Sofia, Bulgaria supported by EMARE

2007 Swedish Institute/Index foundation Stockholm, CCA Kiev, Ukraina

2007 Het Blauwe Huis, residency together with Inga Zimprich and Volodymyr Kuznetsov, organized by Jeanne van Heeswijk, Amsterdam

2006 International artist program / Swedish Institute, Kiev

2005 The Swedish Grants Committees international program for visual arts, IASPIS



Hallands Konstmuseum




2018 Guest teacher, Åredalens Konstskola, Folk High School

2017 Guest teacher, Gerlesborg Foundation School of Fine Art, Bohuslän

2016 Course in site-specific art with Henrik Andersson, Gerlesborg Foundation School of Fine Art, Bohuslän

2014 Hållands Folk High School, exam course in curating

2014 Umeå Art Academy, lecture

2012 Workshop with Teateralliansen, Konsthall C, together with Ellen Nyman


Curatorial projects:

2014 Moving mass, in collaboration with Eva Arnqvist, Johanna Gustavsson Fürst, Caroline Mårtensson, Malin Pettersson Öberg, Åsa Jungnelius

2007 A short institutional affair, CCCK. Union of Artist Gallery Odessa, supported by Index Contemporary Art Foundation and Swedish Institute


Grants / Scholarships:

2018 International Exchange (National Library, Vilnius), Swedish Arts Grants Committee /Iaspis

2018 Swedish Embassy, Vilnius

2018 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, Lithuanian Culture Institute

2018 Project grant, Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Visual Arts Fund

2018 International Exchange (LCCA, Riga), Swedish Arts Grants Committee /Iaspis

2017 Kulturkontakt Nord

2017 Längmanska Kulturfonden

2016 The Visual Arts Fund’s 2 years working grant, Swedish Arts Grants Committee

2015 Project grant, Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Visual Arts Fund

2015 Japanstiftelsen

2014 International Exchange (Kunsthaus Dresden), Swedish Arts Grants Committee /Iaspis

2012 Project grant, Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Visual Arts Fund

2010 Artist in Residence at the Swedish Studio in London

2008 The Visual Arts Funds 2 years working grant,  Swedish Arts Grants Committee

2009 International Exchange (Contemporary Art Factory Japan), Swedish Arts Grants Committee /Iaspis

2008 Erst Patterns and programme of ”Links, Promoting and communicating contemporary culture

2008 International Exchange (Periferic 8 Art Biennial, Iasi), Swedish Arts Grants Committee /Iaspis

2008 Swedish Arts Council, A sense of solidarity, Stockholm

2007 International Exchange (CCA Kiev, Ukraine), Swedish Arts Grants Committee /Iaspis

2006 International Exchange (Het Blauwe Huis, Amsterdam), Swedish Arts Grants Committee /Iaspis

2006 International Exchange ( Manifesta 6, cancelled), Swedish Arts Grants Committee /Iaspis

2006 Helge Ax:son Johnsons Stiftelse

2005 Stockholm Art Fair

2005 JC Kempes Minnes fond

2005 Umeå Academy of Fine Arts grant

2000 Marta, Vivi och Åke Liljessons Stiftelse


Published articles, editorial in selection:

2019 Portable Landscapes, K.verlag. (coming up)

2018 Scener, härifrån, Art Lab Gnesta (article for Sebastian Dahlqvist)

2018 Lulu-journalen, (Eds. with Masha Taavoniku)

2018 Kunstkritikk, Vykort från Rügen

2018 E2-E4, edited by Kim West, Rutiga Golvet, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm

2018 Walden nr 9-10

2017 OEI # 77-78: Berg & infrastruktur

2016 Medusa, by Emma Kihl and Elisa Rossholm

2015 ArtLeaks Gazette, issue 3

2014, interview: Rainer Ganahl, with Katarina Schedle, issue 22

2013 Provins, Årgång 32, nr 4

2012 Work, Work, Work, edited by Cecilia Widenheim, Jonathan Habib Engqvist, Lisa Rosendahl, Michele Masucci, Iaspis / Sternberg press

2011 OEI # 53–54 2011 Dokument, Dispositiv, Deskription, Diskurs

2008 Periferic 8 Biennial for Contemporary Art. Art as Gift – catalogue, Vector Association, Iasi, RO

2008 Exteriors, produced by Mats Stjernstedt and Helena Holmberg, Index, Stockholm. Design, Lina Åberg

2007 CCCK and Private Investors Appear, Vector Magazine, Romania Issue 04/07, Vector Iasi, Romania

2007 Communiqué. Faculty of Invisibility, designed by Paul Gangloff, produced by Inga Zimprich



2017 Glas är massa i rörelse/Glass is moving mass, designed by Jonas Williamsson

2016 Kungsbacka Blodbok, designed by Maryam Fanni

2014 Mural Journal, published in collaboration with Hugo Canoilas

2013 Strejkkonsten, röster om kulturellt och politiskt arbete under och efter gruvstrejken 1969-70, produced by Glänta / Konsthall C. (red. Kim Einarsson, Martin Högström) Design Martin Högström

2008 The Managed Avant-garde. The transition of the Soros Centers to Contemporary Art. Written by Octavian Esau, designed by Kateryna Svirgunenko. A CCCK publication (Ed.). Printed in Iasi, RO

2008 En känsla av samhörighet: är en skildring av arbetsförhållanden och yrken på några svenska arbetsplatser

2007 Try to find another cow, Post Funding Eastern Europe Center for Communication and Context – Kyiv (CCCK) design, OneDayNation



2018 Kunstkritikk, Drömtid, by Frans Josef Petersson

2018 Found Review: The Foundation Pit, editor-in-chief, Karl Lydén

2018 Springerin, Issue 3, The institute of “Art”, by Rahma Khazam

2016 Kunstkritikk, Julkalendern, by Martin Grennberger

2015 Kunstkritikk, Solidaritet som readymade, by Fredrik Svensk

2012 Kunstkritikk, Kultur, motstånd, historia, by Hans Carlsson

2012 Artforum, Kirunatopia, in the Shadow of the Future, by Theodor Ringborg

2013 Riksutställningar, Bang Larsen: Konst kan aldrig bli ett massfenomen, by Sanna Svanberg

2011 Paletten, article by Kalle Brolin

2009 Flash Art, We are Ukrainians, What else Matters, by Claire Staebler

2007 Geist no 13, Opening the Open, Stockholm

2007 WMAOYW, Self reflexivity,  by Saskia Holmqvist

2008 The Swizhe experience, past, present and future Ukraine, organized by Swedish Institute, Kiev

2006 It’s hard to touch the real, Es ist schwer das Reale zu beruhren, Grazer Kunstverein

2006 Sekcja magazine artystczny, article by Anna Lazar, Poland


Mentionings and citation, books/research:

Suffrage and the Arts: Visual Culture, Politics and Enterprise, Amanda Garrett, Zoë Thomas, Bloomsbury, 2018

The Exhibitionary Complex Exhibition, Apparatus, and Media from Kulturhuset to the Centre Pompidou, 1963–1977, Kim West, 2017

Det begravda berget, Ulf Eriksson, Albert Bonniers Förlag, 2015

Outlaw Territories, Felicity Scott, Zone books, 2016


Press, daily newspapers & web 2010-2018:

Barometern, “Åter till Andreij Tarkovskijs Offret” (25.05.18)

SR, “Hon gör konst av Rädda Kynnfjäll” (14.06.17)

Barometern, “Glas är massa i rörelse” (23.04.17)

Norra Halland, “Konstprojekt med stadsfokus” (23.10.16)

Barometern, “Konst och historia under Bodadagen” (02.10.16)

Morgunbladid, Daglegt Lif, Pílagrímsferð á slóðir Fórnarinnar (28.07.16)

DN, ”Vårt arbete” på Lunds konsthall och ”Massa i rörelse” på Kalmar konstmuseum (28.01.16)

Barometern, Glasrikets sätts under lupp på Konstmuseet (04.12.15)

Östra Småland, Sex konstnärer gör upp med Glasriket (03.12.15)

Arbetarbladet, Strejk! När då? Nu? (06.03.14)

Dalademokraten, Den stora gruvstrejken skakade om (11.03.14)

Västerbotten Kuriren, Thriller om konsten att strejka (14.01.14)

Aftonbladet, Gruvstrejken, en thriller (09.12.13)

Rymden  (20.11.13)

Sekotidningen, Den odammiga arbetarkonsten av Anneli Jordahl (05.10.13)

Arena, nr 6, 2013

TT, Gruvarbetarnas konst visas i Tensta

Piteå-Tidningen, Unik konstsamling från gruvstrejkens dagar (18.10.13)

Norrbottens-Kuriren, Strejkkonst från 1969 (18.10.13)

Sydsvenskan, Konsten efter gruvstrejken (27.09.13)

Proletären, Vad hände med strejkkonsten? (28.03.13)

Arbetet, Vad hände med strejkkonsten? – Om ett konstprojekt av Ingela Johansson (12.12.12)

Barometern, Gruvarbetarnas konst visas i Tensta (15.03.12)

Bohusläningen, Gruvarbetarnas konst visas i Tensta (15.03.12)

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Västerbottenskuriren, Gruvarbetarnas konst visas i Tensta (15.03.12)

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Gefle Dagblad, Gruvarbetarnas konst visas i Tensta (15.03.12)

Vi Människor, Gruvarbetarnas konst visas i Tensta (15.03.12)

Metro, Gruvarbetarnas konst visas i Tensta (15.03.12)

Itz, Gruvarbetarnas konst visas i Tensta (15.03.12)

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Norrtelje tidning, Gruvarbetarnas konst visas i Tensta (15.03.12)

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Riksutställningar, Bang Larsen: ”Konst kan aldrig bli ett massfenomen” av Sanna Svanberg.

Folkbladet, Reflektioner kring arbete i konsten (26.11.11)

Östran, Museets samlingar i dagens ljus (26.10.11)

Volym, Umeå och konstverkligheten (09.12.11)

Tidningen Kulturen, Kulturpolitikens problem debatterades på Galleri Verkligheten  (15.11.11)

Folkbladet, Deras utställning är som en amöba (27.10.10)

Fria Tidningen, På jakt efter känslan av samhörighet (04.05.10)


Den stora gruvstrejken visas genom konsten, Kulturnyheterna, SVT (13.03.13)

SR. I tiden om att göra upp med historien, Leonardo Padura, Joan Fontcuberta och “Vad hände med strejkkonsten?” (01.05.13)